Tree Care

Care for your Tree

1.       The leaves on Deciduous trees all fall off every year in the fall.  The leaves on a Coniferous tree (needles) fall off continuously but never all at once. This is not the sign of a bad tree, although many people think so.  Vigorously shaking the tree will help the clusters of dead needles come out.

2.      The most important step in keeping the needles on the tree is to get it in water as soon as possible after a fresh cut of 1″ to 2″ is taken off the bottom of the trunk.  From this point on the tree must be kept in water or the cut will seal itself up and the tree will stop drinking water.  The tree must be put in water within 2 hours of a fresh cut or another cut will need to be made.

3.     Keep away from radiators, warm air ducts, fire places and wood stoves.  Besides the danger of fire, these things will quickly dry your tree out.